Laravel • Varnish • Performance
Reading time: ~4 minutes

Caching GraphQL queries with Varnish Cache

GraphQL queries are usually fetched via POST requests which Varnish does not cache per default. But there is a nice way to cache them anyway and make them blazingly fast.

Reading time: ~5 minutes

Proper error pages in Varnish Cache

If you have ever seen the default Varnish guru error page, you know what I'm talking about.

Reading time: ~3 minutes

TTL and Grace Time in Varnish Cache

Or: how to deliver cached content fast while doing a background refresh, or while your backend is down

Reading time: ~2 minutes

Proper redirects handling

Handle as many redirects as possible outside of your application

Reading time: ~2 minutes

Just block bad url requests in general

If you have a Laravel or Symfony or Ruby or Python or Next.js application, or some fancy flavor of a CMS, then why do you need to allow wordpress requests coming in?

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